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Mari kita melangkah
Hati ke Hati
Biru membasuh
Putih Merengkuh
Hitam Melepas

Mari lepaskan gundah
Hati ke hati
Pagi merekah
Siang memancar
Malam berbinar

Katakan lebih pada ku
Hati ke hati
Jalan yang lurus
Jalan berliku
Persimpangan jalan, yang harus ketempuh.

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Sometimes I think back about my life before and I barely remember anything. It's like I didn't live before. Once I started to travel, everything felt more intense. Every day was a new adventure. I paid attention to details. I got lost. And addicted. Addicted to this kind of lifestyle. I never wanted to go back to a daily routine. Sitting in an office and doing some job from 9 to 5 seemed like the most ridiculous thing on earth. What a waste of lifetime!

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